James McPherson and the quiet years

After the peaceful conclusion of the events in 1807, James McPherson settled down with his family in Logan County Ohio.

James McPherson enjoyed a well earned rest after he successfully brokered peace at the Springfield Meeting of 1807. The northern Shawnee settled down in the Lewistown Reservation and resumed their peaceful relationship with the people of Urbana and Logan County Ohio.

logan county map 1880 300x255 James McPherson and the quiet yearsThe Lewistown Shawnee Reservation was located between Urbana and Springfield Ohio. This land was home to hundreds of Shawnee families and was where James McPherson and his family lived.

Young Henry McPherson, James and Catherine’s son, grew up among his Shawnee kin. Henry, as had been his father, was adopted by the Shawnee as one of their own. His childhood was spent playing with the other young Shawnee children. He was fluent in the native American language and the ways and customs of the Shawnee. In many ways Henry was much like his father. Henry loved the Shawnee and would later serve as his father had in helping them.

James McPherson, who opened the first store in the area when he arrived in 1801, continued to operate his trading post. He also over saw the McPherson Blockhouse that provided safety to the locals in the event of an emergency.

James and Catherine enjoyed this “mundane routine” from 1807 to 1811 and raised their children among their Shawnee friends. James McPherson continued to nurture his relationships with the white townsfolk of Logan County Ohio.

McPherson was usually called on to mediate when there was an disagreement between two parties. Soon James was appointed as a Judge and was known as Judge McPherson for a time. He was often called to advise Logan County whenever a issue concerning the Shawnee came up.

Life continued on for the McPherson family in such a manner until 1811. The southern Shawnee Chief Tecumseh had finally revealed his intentions of war against the United States. Relationship with England was deteriorating and talk of war was mentioned.

James McPherson would be soon called on to help Logan County’s citizens. This included the White Townsfolk and the Shawnee.


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